About Us

In the fall of 1954, Joe Stacy leased 20 acres of land in the Detroit suburb of Warren based on a hand shake and his word.  A 450 sq ft building was constructed and on Easter Sunday, 1955 Town & Country Driving Range was opened.

Customers soon wanted more than just a driving range facility; they wanted a place where they could purchase equipment.  However, the building was too small to warehouse inventory, so in the early 60’s Joe started keeping merchandise in a corner of the basement of his home.  As business increased and inventory levels grew, the basement became overcrowded with equipment and customers would stop by all hours of the day and evening.

DadIn 1979 a new 3,200 sq ft facility was constructed and the name was changed to Stacy’s Golf Center.  Once their daughters were off to college, Neva joined her husband, Joe, and started working at the range.   By 1993 both daughters had joined the staff.

In an age of multi-media and mass advertising, we are unique in that most of our advertising comes from satisfied customers.  Since Joe first started selling he knew the value of a happy customer.  To this day, we still have customers who say “I bought clubs in your basement.”

LindaMaryFifty years after that initial handshake, Joe finally retired.   Daughters Mary and Linda continue to run the business with the occasional help of Joe’s grandchildren, Brent, Drew, Jacqueline and Jennifer.  One thing that has not changed it the original business philosophy of Stacy’s’ – to provide the best customer service at a fair price and to treat your family as if you are part of ours.

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